SPOD is your group savings and payments
app for leisure activities

By providing a Savings POD which also acts as an online wallet, planning a leisure activity such as a holiday with your family, friends or work colleagues is now simple and streamlined.

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Group Savings, Amazing Deals and Payments made easy.

We understand how painful it is to pick up the tab when dealing with groups. With SPOD, you no longer have to go through hassles to plan and save for leisure activities. Prepare for anything from city breaks to far away steals, everything is automated in one easy to use app.


Invite Friends

Start saving as a group instantly by inviting all your friends. They don’t need to have the app, FB, Email or Phone no. will do.


Automated Reminders

SPOD does all the organising so you don’t have to! Set email reminders so everyone keeps up with savings targets.


Secure Payments

Our secure payments wallet lets you purchase your deals on any website of your choice. SPOD also sends everyone from your group a receipt so they can keep track

See SPOD in action.

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Meet the Founders:
Team behind SPOD.

The SPOD team are really passionate about group cohesion and people having fun together using their technology.